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In Which I Achieve a State of Not-Gardening

Dead flowers aren’t much fun.


In Which I Find That Working From Home Is Hardly Working

A ‘room of my own’ without distractions is hard to come by.


In Which I Celebrate Valentine's Day the Old-Fashioned Way

As a kid, I dreaded school celebrations of Valentine’s Day; as a parent, I still do.

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In Which I Return to the Microwave Burrito Days

Feeding a family of picky eaters has me reminiscing about eating single.


In Which I Learn to Walk on Ice

Snow, and the generation gap.


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“Semi-Charmed Life is a blog about my personal impressions of life in the Maryland suburbs and the greater D.C. Metropolitan Area. How’s that for giving myself permission to write about anything? There we go: It’s a blog about anything. Please stay tuned.”

Paula Whyman is an award-winning writer who grew up in Montgomery County. Her stories can be found in literary journals and anthologies, and her humor essays have appeared in The Washington Post and on National Public Radio. She is working on a novel. Plus, she can teach any dog to sit.

For more on Paula and her work, see www.paulawhyman.com. Also see Bethesda World News, the parody newspaper founded by Paula’s alter ego, Isabel Brooke.

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