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Jun 13, 201207:27 AMMinivan Diaries

The Longest Week of the Year

Jun 13, 2012 - 07:27 AM
The Longest Week of the Year

"They're ba-ack! School's out, summer's here... now what?"

Right after Memorial Day, I received a text from a friend that read, “How about lunch on Tuesday to discuss party, graduation, etc., -- and how we are going to survive the next two weeks?”

We met, worked out logistics, and took turns rocking back and forth and keening. We finished our ‘40-something Mom’ salads, smiled bravely at each other, and went once more into the breach.

By the time Mardi Gras school came to a close, all the parents I know were completely exhausted. The field trips, Field Day, graduation ceremonies, proms and parties were behind us. The good news was, we all still had a pulse. The bad news was -- we were all much, much older than we’d been six weeks ago.

And the reward for all our hard work? Oh, just the Longest Week of the Year. This is also known as The Week After School Ends and Before Camp Begins.

(Sure, that week schools were closed for Snowcapalyse a couple of years ago might have felt even longer – but we at least had weather drama to take our minds off our children. And off the question of why we had them in the first place.)

Kidding! Of course we all love our children and luxuriate in the time we get to spend them with. Mostly. And if you work from home or have taken time off to supervise them, you will be fine as long as you remember one cardinal rule: Expect to Get Nothing Done This Week.

Abandon all goals, desires, and exercise routines, all ye who enter here, and get ready for constant interruption, internecine squabbles, and ridiculous requests. Prepare to find yourself driving various children to various locations at odd hours. Expect to look out the window to discover half the neighborhood has congregated on the trampoline ALL at once. Plan on having your teenager dream up cockamamie schemes that involve Adams Morgan and a vague understanding of public transportation. Consider it a guarantee that you will be told over and over again, “It’s summer vacation. Why do I have to even get out of bed?”

The good news is that this all means you are on the road to recovery from your acute case of June-induced insanity. Things are slowing down. True, soon you will be wondering what happened to all the swim goggles and flip flops and summer math packets, and your head will be hurting from camp carpool scenarios. But right now you can enjoy your children at their own pace, and the liberation from structure and schedules.

Especially since they’ll all be in camp next week.

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