June 23, 2018
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Education Matters

May-June 2011


Should Cheerleading be Recognized as a Sport?

National Collegiate Athletic Association to decide.

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Involuntary Transfer No Fun

Veteran teacher dismayed by process.

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Magnet Students Shine on Silver Screen

Why can’t all MCPS eighth-graders tackle this project?

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Time to Meet Your New Superintendent

Joshua Starr to hold community meetings next week.

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The Smart Ones Will Leave

Will budget cuts force MCPS’s best and brightest to abandon the classroom?

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If Not Your Backyard, Then Whose?

Montgomery County residents protest use of park for new middle school.

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“Every School Will Feel the Effects”

MCPS must deal with $107 million less.

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School Safety at What Cost?

County Council debates whether to pay for police officers in schools.

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MCPS and the Yankees?


MCPS and the Yankees?

New superintendent compares Montgomery County schools to champion baseball team.

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Starr Officially Appointed

New Montgomery County Public Schools superintendent’s base salary is $250,000.

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Rock Creek Forest Elementary Students Say Yes to Summer School


Rock Creek Forest Elementary Students Say Yes to Summer School

Bethesda’s Norwood School offers enrichment program for MCPS students.

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New Superintendent Ready to Face Challenges

Starr: "I’m my own man."

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