September 29, 2016
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Education Matters

July-August 2011


No more math acceleration?

New MCPS curriculum for elementary schools eliminates need.

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Paying to Teach

MCPS teachers shell out dollars for school supplies.

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Online and Off Task


Online and Off Task

Research shows that Facebook use can harm students’ learning.

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Getting the Heads-Up About Concussions

MCPS policy for student-athletes ahead of state law.

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Josh Starr: Man About Town

New MCPS superintendent employs full-court press to meet community.

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Welcome Back, Mrs. Baker


Welcome Back, Mrs. Baker

Walter Johnson High School’s principal comes full circle.

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The Battle Over School Lunch

Schools and parents together must combat poor food choices.

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Next on “Oprah”: Hamlet and Ophelia


Next on “Oprah”: Hamlet and Ophelia

MCPS teacher puts modern spin on Shakespeare’s classic play.

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Civic Activism 101

MCPS students push for elimination of Styrofoam lunch trays.

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Outdoor Education Saved in Nick of Time

MCPS program helping to frame environmental literacy lessons.

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Education Matters will discuss the news and issues affecting both public and private schools in Montgomery County. We want to talk about what’s happening inside—and outside—the classroom, who’s making the grade and who isn’t.

Julie Rasicot is a former newspaper reporter and managing editor who’s been writing about education for 25 years. She’s a veteran PTA and classroom volunteer who’s the mother of two girls—an eighth-grader and a fifth-grader—attending MCPS schools. None of that seems to matter, though, when she’s struggling to help her kids with their math homework.

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