May 21, 2018
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Education Matters

July-August 2011


No more math acceleration?

New MCPS curriculum for elementary schools eliminates need.

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Paying to Teach

MCPS teachers shell out dollars for school supplies.

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Online and Off Task


Online and Off Task

Research shows that Facebook use can harm students’ learning.

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Getting the Heads-Up About Concussions

MCPS policy for student-athletes ahead of state law.

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Josh Starr: Man About Town

New MCPS superintendent employs full-court press to meet community.

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Welcome Back, Mrs. Baker


Welcome Back, Mrs. Baker

Walter Johnson High School’s principal comes full circle.

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The Battle Over School Lunch

Schools and parents together must combat poor food choices.

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Next on “Oprah”: Hamlet and Ophelia


Next on “Oprah”: Hamlet and Ophelia

MCPS teacher puts modern spin on Shakespeare’s classic play.

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Civic Activism 101

MCPS students push for elimination of Styrofoam lunch trays.

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Outdoor Education Saved in Nick of Time

MCPS program helping to frame environmental literacy lessons.

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