Women in Business Profiles

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Victoria Mellon

Owner, Mellon.Properties

4500 N Park Ave., Suite 804
Chevy Chase


What has changed for women in business? 

A couple years ago, I would have said everything has changed for women in business. But in light of the #metoo movement and continuing lawsuits, I’d say not enough. I was raised and inspired by women who stood up courageously to inequality in all forms. They taught me you can make change happen—don’t wait for it! This was a major reason I decided to rebrand my mother’s 35-year-old 
business into mellon.properties. I want to be a part of a very necessary change.


What’s the best advice you’ve received? 

My mother began her real estate career in the 1970s because of landlord discrimination. As a newly divorced mom looking for an apartment, the landlord denied renting a unit to her because he “didn’t know what kind of men she’d bring home.” Rather than stew, she bought a condo, which was unusual back then. But this drove her to real estate. She told me there were no limits to what women could do or become and, most importantly, that we bring something special and essential to the workforce. Embracing feminism and femininity is a balance I strive for.


How do you measure success? 

Success is a holistic experience—it incorporates the satisfaction of achieving challenging goals, with a sense of well-being that comes from fair play and good relationships. I’ll never feel successful based on a dollar amount, and it’s always a team effort. Using mindfulness to create that balance in a business like real estate, that often veers us toward stressful situations and discord, is so important. Science proves that when purposeful harmony is central to the environment, everyone involved is happier and the workplace benefits.

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