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Ronnie Lapinsky Sax, CPM, Senior Portfolio Management Director/Senior Vice President/Financial Advisor

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

7500 Old Georgetown Road
10th floor
Bethesda, MD


What brings you the most satisfaction in your work? 

I didn’t pursue this career to become an industry leader or win awards. I love helping my clients—professionals, families, and business leaders—with their financial needs. I have been working with many of them for 40-plus years and, as of May 2017, advise on more than $225 million in assets. But I do take pride in having been part of this firm’s history and predecessor brands for more than 40 years, and the honors I’ve earned—most recently I ranked No. 97 in Forbes’ 2017 inaugural list of America’s Top 200 Women Wealth Advisors. 

My comprehensive approach includes a detailed planning process and tailor-made investment solutions. I am committed to providing outstanding service and advice. Through my extensive experience, I have developed a deep understanding of 
economics and the intricacies in equity and fixed income markets. My investment selection process involves fundamental investment tactics and macro-economic and geopolitical trends to identify the best investment opportunities.

What makes you different than others in your profession?

I was one of the first women to begin a career in financial services in the mid-1970s and learned what it takes to achieve personal and professional goals. I was 21 and found myself on Wall Street surrounded by a lot of smart people. I knew I had a lot to learn and, early on I was taught the value of mentorship. I not only had one mentor, but two. They are both still my mentors and became lifelong friends. 

I believe every successful woman should have at least one mentee, if not two. One of my priorities is expanding the culture of mentorship not just at Morgan Stanley, but across all industries and sectors. 

Source: Forbes.com (February 2017).  The ratings may not be representative of any one client’s experience nor is it indicative of the Financial Advisor’s future performance. Neither Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC nor its Financial Advisors pay a fee to Forbes.com in exchange for the rating.

Ronnie Lapinsky Sax is a Financial Advisor in Morgan Stanley’s Bethesda, MD office. Although Ronnie Lapinsky Sax has compensated Bethesda Magazine to have this advertisement featured in its publications, this is not a solicitation nor intended to provide individually tailored investment advice. The strategies and/or investments referenced may not be suitable for all investors. The views expressed herein are those of the author and may not necessarily reflect the views of Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC. Member SIPC.  CRC 1790302 5/17

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