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Maya D. Hyman


5471 Wisconsin Ave.
Suite 300
Chevy Chase

Why do you do what you do? 

My philosophy is the home you live in makes a difference in the life you live. Having recently moved into my own dream home, I’m experiencing this firsthand. When my clients walk into their homes, I hope they would feel as though they’re being wrapped in a cashmere blanket. Home should be a place of restoration, filling you with the energy to go out into the world and be the best doctor, or accountant, or lawyer or teacher—the best you—you can be. Living in the right home for me and my family, I’m happier, more relaxed—there’s a peacefulness in finding what you want. I’m driven to help people find where they’re meant to be, so they can feel energized to go out and change the world. 


What advice would you offer women just starting out?

Real estate is probably only 5 percent of what you think it is. Everyone loves homes, but that’s only a small part of what we do. As an agent, I find my job is much more therapy, contract negotiation and marketing. I happen to love those three aspects of the work—and I love homes. 


What qualities should a successful real estate agent have?

I listen to my clients attentively and help them see the broader scope—what else might be out there—or recognize when they’ve found something super special. I’m honest to my core and believe most people appreciate the truth. I’m also not afraid to go to battle for my clients—they’ll always know I have their back. My clients should feel I’m a partner, that I’m by their side and advocating for them, throughout the entire process.

“Home should be a place where you can be restored…There’s a peacefulness in finding what you want.”

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