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Lisa Teitel Schlesinger

Psychoanalyst and LCSW-C

6917 Arlington Road
Suite 304
Bethesda, MD


What is your professional-educational background?

As a psychoanalyst, I have been helping patients with a variety of mental health issues for more than 20 years. I use psychoanalysis as an alternative to alleviate symptoms and struggles. My commitment to patients extends beyond my practice—I continue to learn in study groups, educate and engage the community. I write for publications, including Huff Post, to raise awareness of mental health issues, provide insight and be a resource.

What brings you the most satisfaction in your work?

Helping people gain insight into issues they were previously unaware of in relationships and within themselves. Being part of patients’ evolution, helping build strength and face challenges, is an honor. People often come to me after CBT and other modalities, still feeling overwhelmed and “stuck” in their lives. I have had great success with contemporary psychoanalysis and I am delighted when our work achieves long-lasting change.


Advanced Training, The Washington School of Psychiatry, The Washington Center for Psychoanalysis and The Contemporary Freudian Society; M.S.W. University of Maryland; B.S. American University

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