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Emily Cook, PhD, LCMFT

Emily Cook Therapy, LLC

6917 Arlington Road, Suite 226


What changes or innovations are on the horizon in your industry?

I’m eager to innovate ways for my group therapy practice to expand by creating opportunities for leadership and professional growth among my staff. I want the talented marriage and family therapists who work with me to be empowered in their roles and motivated to stay with my brand. The industry term is “retain,” but I prefer “partnership.” We’re a team! The new business model should reflect that sense of mutual benefit. 


What advice would you offer for women just starting out in private practice? 

Clearly visualize what you want and then manifest those dreams into reality. Your actions follow your thoughts and your thoughts are connected to your feelings—so make sure your internal and external worlds are aligned. You already know that doing self-of-therapist work is essential to deepening your clinical skills. Self-of-business-owner work is just as essential!


Author, The Marriage Counseling Workbook: 8 Steps to a Strong and Lasting Partnership. Althea Press (2018). 

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