Women in Business Profiles

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Dorothy R. Fait, Esq. & Marjorie G. DiLima, Esq.

Fait & DiLima, LLP

1 Church St., Suite 800


What’s the best advice you’ve received and how has it helped you?

Marjorie DiLima: “Don’t wrestle with a pig—you get dirty and the pig likes it.” This saying has helped me to stay focused on what is important to my clients, rather than negatively engaging with opposition just to prove I’m right. I would rather my client be satisfied with the long-term outcomes than for me to prove I am right, although being right is often satisfying, too!


What will be the biggest challenge for the generation of women behind you?

Dorothy Fait: We need to remember that the “Women’s Movement” didn’t end in the 70’s. Respect and equality for women in the workplace is an ongoing pursuit and an organic process; we all need to remain aware of that every day and stay vigilant as we open doors and break ceilings for all women.

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