Women in Business Profiles

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Cheryl F. Callahan, DDS


15225 Shady Grove Road, Suite 301


Why do you do what you do? What motivates and inspires you?

I love what I do as I get to wear so many hats each day. 

As a dentist, I care for wonderful people and develop relationships that are very special. As an artist, I create beautiful smiles that make people happy—and often change lives. 

I’m also an educator as I provide information to improve people’s lives and health. For my staff as well as several women pursuing careers in dentistry I am a mentor. I love to learn and dentistry’s ever-changing materials and procedures gives me that opportunity.

In owning my own business, I’ve created an environment that’s warm and welcoming. That allows me to practice the way I feel and provides my patients, staff and myself with perfect surroundings to provide the best care possible.
I really could go on and on with this question! 

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