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Carol L. Petrov

Certified Financial Planner™

600 Jefferson Plaza, Suite 410


What changes or innovations are on the horizon in your 
How are you preparing?

One of the biggest changes is the focus on hiring a fiduciary to help manage investments and provide unbiased advice. It’s a new concept for most financial advisors, but we have been fee-only fiduciary advisors since day one. We educate people on the type of relationship they should expect from a financial advisor so they can ask the right questions and decide which firm best suits them.


What motivates and inspires you?

People too often ignore important topics because they don’t understand them or have had a bad experience. I enjoy helping clients visualize how issues such as taxes and legal ramifications are intertwined with their investments. Whether approaching retirement with trepidation or transitioning to a new lifestyle as a widow or divorcée, I enjoy spending time to help make these chapters in their lives easier. 



Financial Planning Association & Estate Planning Council of Montgomery County

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