Women in Business Profiles

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Beth Venit, CFP®; Jennifer MacLennan, CFP®, CPA; Maria Cornelius, CFP®; Deanna Tomasetti, CFP®

Burt Wealth Advisors

6010 Executive Blvd., Suite 900


Why choose Burt Wealth Advisors?

As a Rockville-based boutique wealth management firm serving the Washington Metro area for more than 25 years, our personalized care is backed by extensive knowledge and experience. Our fiduciary relationship means that we are committed to putting our client’s interest first. Our goal is to become a partner and ongoing resource to our clients, helping them navigate their financial life. Clients are guided through our “Growth Through Life™” process, enabling us to answer questions that may arise, from how best to save for retirement and prioritize goals, to finding the best options for maximizing retirement distributions, and strategies for maximizing social security benefits. This allows clients to explore many aspects of their financial and investment goals and brings a deeper meaning to their money.


How has the increase in women advisors changed your firm?

Our planners often work in teams and having more women as part of those teams, has helped to better engage our clients. Women think, learn and communicate differently than men. This balance among teams ensures versatility and has proven invaluable.


What motivates and inspires you?

We’re proud of the work we do to help women, often those amid a life transition. Women are among the most underserved market segment in the financial services community and our goal is to engage them in the planning and investment process, empowering them when it comes to their finances. We believe the time we spend with our women clients to be the most valuable aspect of the relationship. We cultivate a deep connection with all of our clients to give them peace of mind on their wealth, investment management and ultimate dreams and goals.

"Our goal is to become a partner and ongoing resource to our clients, helping them navigate their financial life.”

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