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Andrea Hirsch

Law Office of Andrea Hirsch

1630 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite 400
Washington, DC


What advice would you offer for women just starting out? 

Your career path doesn’t have to be a straight line; don’t be afraid of detours. We spend so much time at work, it’s a huge achievement if you can enjoy what you do. Putting effort into figuring out what you’ll find most fulfilling pays off at the end of the day. I went to law school after college but practiced only briefly before becoming a pastry chef for a number of years. When I dove back into law, I really thought about what I wanted to do and found family law—and great satisfaction in my profession—later in life. 


Why family law? 

The personalization. My cases are not business transactions; family law is very client focused. I enjoy helping people navigate their family issues in a way that’s not destructive. There is life after divorce and a good lawyer can help smooth the transition. 



B.A. Stanford University, 1978; 
J.D. University of Santa Clara School of Law, 1984.


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