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Easy Elder Tech

Tom Meyer, Owner

15310 Pine Orchard Drive
Suite 3C
Silver Spring, MD


“I like to make things easy for people, so my business names begin with that,” says Tom Meyer. 

Meyer’s three “Easy” businesses include Easy Elder Tech, which helps seniors with buying a computer or laptop package and all setup, installation and training. They can also help with Internet, games, video chat and photos. 

Another business is Easy Elder Tech, which offers Internet, cable, local TV, phone and Virtual Reality for a one-time cost of $499. “It’s groundbreaking,” says Meyer. “With access to any movie, TV show or sporting event. You get free phone calls, unlimited Internet and VR capabilities.” 

Coming soon is Easy Med Tracker, which can help any senior or patient keep track of medicines, how many to take, when to take them, and an app and service to advise loved ones about medicines taken daily. A specialized pill box system will be a part of Easy Med Tracker, as well. 

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