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Charles E. Smith Life Communities

The Music Project

Ring House | Landow House | Cohen-Rosen House | 1801 E. Jefferson St.
Rockville, MD


“Music engages people and provides a link to their past and a sense of home,” says Lauren Latessa. She leads the Music Project, which provides one-on-one instrumental lessons, and group classes that allow residents to delve into music history. The trio, formed by cellist Latessa, pianist Jessica McKee and violinist Sara Matayoshi, performs recitals and open rehearsals for the enjoyment of residents. The program offers meaningful experiences that are rare in other assisted living and independent living settings in this area. 

“I cannot describe how this changed my life,” says Ring House resident Marjorie Wilde. “Not only because rehearsals are my favorite, but I discovered that the sun hadn’t set. The arc of my life began to go up again.”

Cohen-Rosen House, Landow House and Ring House offer many programs like this that engage residents socially, emotionally and spiritually. Please call 301-816-5012 for more information. 

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