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Center for Vein Restoration

Eddie A. Fernandez, MD, RPVI

11921 Rockville Pike
Suite 401
Rockville, MD


For the last eight years, Dr. Eddie Fernandez has been dedicated to the treatment of venous disease, bringing relief to patients coping with the many symptoms and complications associated with chronic venous insufficiency.

With an estimated 40 million Americans now suffering from venous disease, it’s still too often an under-diagnosed condition. Symptoms range from varicose veins, to leg pain, cramping, itching and burning, swollen legs and ankles, and venous ulcers. Heredity, age, gender, weight, history of blood clots, pregnancy and occupations that require prolonged sitting or standing all can play a role. A wide variety of treatments can help. “We specialize in individualized, patient-focused approaches that treat the root causes while improving your appearance and quality of life,” says Dr. Fernandez. Together with his colleagues, the team gets excellent results and satisfaction rates for their patients.  

“For most people, the prognosis after treatment is excellent,” says Dr. Fernandez. “It is my great joy to see the rapid benefits that so many patients get after years going undiagnosed, especially those with venous ulcers.”

Center for Vein Restoration (CVR) is the nation’s largest physician-owned vein center. They employ the highest caliber vascular medicine specialists and staff, offering a complete array of treatment options for venous disease. CVR clinics offer complimentary physician visits at all of their DMV locations.

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