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Capital City Nurses

Susan Rodgers, RN, President & Owner

8401 Connecticut Ave.
Suite 1030
Chevy Chase, MD


Capital City Nurses Healthcare Services has long been recognized as the expert in the field of private duty home care. For almost 40 years, they have approached home care services from a nursing point of view and focus. “My work as a head nurse at Montifiore Hospital in New York made me highly aware of the confusion and fear seniors experienced when they were ill or removed from their normal, familiar environment,” says Rodgers. “Nursing was (and is) my field—not marketing or accounting. Nurturing and caring were the principles I focused on when founding our company, and what we focus on today.”

When Registered Nurses make an initial client visit, they assess, identify needs and plan what is needed to provide for safety, well-being, independence and enhanced enjoyment of life. Client Care Coordinators work with the client and family to identify a caregiver who can implement their specific plan. Coordinators interact with clients and their family on a daily or weekly basis. “They are the linchpin working with client, family, caregiver and nurses to attain our client goals,” says Rodgers. “Our Registered Nurses continue to work closely with the caregivers and clients in the home as well as with the Client Care Coordinators to implement the plan and identify any changing needs.”

Capital City Nurses spends an inordinate amount of time identifying, recruiting and retaining the best caregivers. “Our mantra is, ‘Do you want this person taking care of your mother or grandmother?’” says Rodgers. “Our goal for our caregivers is to help them to be the best they can possibly be, including medical careers and nursing school.” There are multiple educational and certification opportunities. 

Washington Home and Community Hospices Caregiver Relief Program; Private Duty Provider of Choice for MedStar Health, Visiting Nurse Association; American Geriatric Society; Grass Roots Organization for the Well-being of Seniors (GROWS); Aging Life Care Managers Association

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