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Gail Linn, AuD and Staff

Potomac Audiology

11300 Rockville Pike, Suite 105
Rockville, MD


The FDA’s Reauthorization bill went into effect in July and included requirements for ‘Over the Counter’ hearing aids that do not need to be prescribed by an audiologist. This regulation should provide greater access to hearing loss treatment for adults with mild to moderate loss. “Hearing loss, however, is not a benign condition and even a ‘mild’ loss can have significant impact,” says Dr. Gail Linn. “Just like other medical products that have moved from ‘prescribed’ to the ‘retail’ arena, ensuring safety is paramount.”

With any hearing aid, there is a learning process. “On average, we spend 15 to 20 hours in the first year with new hearing aid patients,” says Dr. Linn. As part of their 
mission to educate the consumer, Potomac Audiology provides a few points for those looking to purchase hearing loss treatment over-the-counter:

  • Your hearing should be evaluated by an audiologist to ensure there are no medical problems. If there is sudden loss or ear pain or dizziness or ringing in the ears, these need to be checked before you purchase OTC devices.
  • Be sure any device has understandable instructions. Check the label for maximum loudness. It’s possible to have too much amplification as well as too little. 
  • Real-ear probe microphone measures are required for fittings to be successful and not part of the OTC process. 

OTC devices have been around for years and the staff at Potomac Audiology has tested these devices. “Some are adequate, others are downright useless,” says Dr. Linn. “Call for a consultation. We’ll help you decide what’s best for you and your hearing health.”

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