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Crossing the Party Line

Should parents allow their underage kids to host drinking parties at home? The law says no—and anyone who doesn’t heed that may face some hefty consequences.

Top Teens 2014

Bethesda Magazine's Extraordinary Teen Awards

Can You Make Your Kid Smarter?

Several brain-training companies suggest that maybe you can

Top of the Class

Each year we write about local teachers whose dedication has earned them accolades from students, parents and colleagues. This year we selected six educators who’ve been recognized even beyond the classroom.

College Bound

Where Bethesda-area high school graduates applied to college and where they were accepted

Prep For Life

They were the ‘in crowd,’ the girls everybody else wanted to be. And they weren’t even in high school yet.

Right Clique

The nerd? The stoner? The jock? Today’s teens claim the old labels don’t apply in high school anymore. But the popular kids? They live on.

Then and Now

How much do we resemble our high school selves?

High School Forever

Remember the guy who shoved you into the lockers back when you were in high school? The girls who mocked you behind your back? Yeah, we thought so…

Safety Check

Nobody wants to see a Columbine or a Sandy Hook happen in our schools. But how do you prevent it when school resource officers are already spread so thin?

Scouts Dis-honor

Should homosexuality disqualify someone from membership in an organization that promotes leadership, tolerance and integrity? Two Kensington brothers are willing to put that question to the test.

Letting Joey Go

There’s only so much parents can do to shape their children’s lives. Sandra Swenson learned that the hard way, when one of her two sons followed the straight and narrow—while the other spiraled into addiction.

Top Teens 2013

Bethesda Magazine's 2012 Extraordinary Teen Awards

Nine Universities. 80 Degrees. One Short Drive.

The Universities at Shady Grove offers nontraditional students a lower-cost, more convenient way to get higher education

Learning Curve

Preparing for the first day of school, new teacher Naomi Rubinstein thinks she has found her calling

Wasted Youth

Local teenagers are turning up the volume when they party: drinking more to get drunk faster. A look at an increasingly dangerous and disturbing trend.

Going Public

High school students who’ve made the leap from private school tell what it’s like — the good, the bad and the ugly

The Gifted: Left Behind?

With a new curriculum aimed at meeting the needs of more students, parents of advanced learners fear their kids are getting short shrift

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