April 18, 2014

A Guide to Giving

Bethesda area Pulitzer Prize winners

The Bethesda area has a way with words.

The remarkable writing talent concentrated here has resulted in a number of Pulitzer Prize winners, including: Ira Chinoy (1999, public service; 1994, investigative reporting); Tom Friedman (2002, commentary; 1988, 1983, international reporting); Tyler Marshall (2004, national reporting); Alan Miller (2003, national reporting); Chuck Neubauer (1976, local investigative specialized reporting); and David Willman (2001, investigative reporting), all of Bethesda; Potomac’s David Hoffman (2010, general nonfiction); Rockville’s James Risen (2006, national reporting); and Takoma Park’s Deborah Nelson (1997, investigative reporting).

And that doesn’t even include those who’ve lived here and since moved on. (Gabriele McCormick)