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Thanks to social media, mobile vendors are selling everything from fish tacos to cupcakes in Montgomery County. They tweet—you eat

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Food Editor Carole Sugarman Follows the Food

In sampling the truck fare in the area, I found lots to like. My only complaint is that they can be hard to track down.

Some trucks have regular stops; others don’t. Popular spots now are the 5600 block of Fishers Lane in Rockville; Rockledge Drive in Bethesda; Security Lane in North Bethesda; and the area near Colesville Road and Georgia Avenue in Silver Spring.

The best way to follow the trucks is on Twitter or by checking their websites and Facebook pages. Also, www.foodtruckfiesta.com provides a daily map of food trucks’ whereabouts in the metropolitan area.

BCS Barbecue

In the parking lot of the venerable Bethesda Community Store, customers place their orders at a stationary, wood-paneled truck, while an adjacent rotisserie smoker fires up ribs, brisket, chicken and pork. The tender ribs are incredibly meaty, and a half rack could easily feed two. The pulled pork sandwich is also chock-full of meat, and the hot sauce is hot.  
Half chicken, $7; whole chicken, $12. Ribs, $2.25 each; half rack, $11; whole, $22. Sandwiches, $6 to $15.
11 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily
8804 Old Georgetown Road, Bethesda, 301-564-1009

Corned Beef King

Diners will be hard-pressed to find a better corned beef sandwich—or a better pastrami sandwich, for that matter—in Montgomery County. Jon Rossler’s fresh turkey breast sandwich, made with incredibly moist white meat, is also a standout. The former manager of the Celebrity Delly in Falls Church, Va., piles the slow-roasted meats atop thick, sturdy rye; these are half-pound, he-man sandwiches.
Sandwiches, $7.99 to $12.99
Twitter: @CornedBeefKing
Email: info@cornedbeefking.com
For information: www.cornedbeefking.com, 571-505-4125

Cravin Cookies and Sweets

From a pink-and-white van, former contractor Valerie Cook sells homemade cupcakes and other sweets. Cook’s baking is homespun; her cupcakes taste like yesteryear’s birthday party fare, and her thin, soft cookies taste like Mom’s.
Cookies, three for $1; cupcakes, $2.50 each.
Twitter: @CravinCookies
Email: info@cravincookiesandsweets.com
For information: www.cravincookiesandsweets.com, 240-778-4941

Cupcake Blvd

The world hardly needs another cupcake purveyor, but Angelette Aviles, a former public relations consultant, makes them into little works of art. And they taste great—with moist, flavorful bases and icings that aren’t too sweet. I especially loved the peanut butter, with its intensely nutty frosting atop devil’s food, and the key lime, its buttery cake spiked with fresh lime juice and zest, and topped with a pretty swirl of cream cheese frosting.   
Cupcakes, $3 each; $16, a half dozen; $30, a dozen.
Twitter: @CupcakeBlvd
Email: thecupcakeblvd@gmail.com
For information: www.cupcakeblvd.com, 443-875-1645 or 301-328-2875

Go Fish!

L’Academie de Cuisine graduate Missy Carr offers ready-to-eat lunches, ready-to-cook dinners, regular fresh fish, plus home delivery. I’d opt for the crabcake or fish tacos, both great catches.
Soups and stews, $5 to $7; sandwiches, $8 to $13.
Twitter: @gofishtruckdc
Email: support@gofishdelivers.com
For information: www.gofishdelivers.com, 855-529-3474

Hardy’s Divine Ribs & Chicken

Cooked over hickory and white oak woods, the beef back ribs are consistently meaty, smoky and finger lickin’. They’re the real deal—and caterer Corries Hardy has cooking awards to show for it.  
Half rack, $14; full rack, $24. Half chicken, $8; whole chicken, $14. Turkey legs, $6. Sandwiches, $6 to $7.
Twitter: @hardysbbqdivine
Email: hardysbbq@yahoo.com
For information: www.hardysq.com, 240-893-3182
Open 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays, 7155 Wisconsin Ave., Bethesda. (The truck is always parked in the Montgomery Farm Women’s Cooperative Market lot.)

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