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Carnemark Design + Build

7550 Wisconsin Ave., Suite 120
Bethesda, MD



A veteran business of Bethesda, CARNEMARK design + build has brought masterful ingenuity to residential remodeling for more than 30 years, solving design issues creatively while earning a myriad of industry awards along the way. Our experienced team provides a process tailored to clients, developing abstract ideas into clean, methodic designs and carefully constructed craftsmanship.

Our Work:

After many years with his late wife who specified all their interiors, this older gentleman wanted a luxurious master suite update that was more suited to his tastes. He wished to remove a rarely-used soaking tub to create a roomy second-floor bathroom space. Being considerate of the fact that he would be aging in the home, we set out to create a layout that would be polished, functional and fully accessible.

With the gentleman’s superb taste and a "shoot-for-the-moon" mentality, we carefully selected stylish high-end products and finishes that need little maintenance and would last a lifetime. 

New bathroom features include a programmable light and ventilation system, a self-cleaning toilet with integrated bidet, and a massive multi-setting rainshower head with thermostatic control valve. 

Our finished product is a dramatic modern bathroom, contemporary yet warm—its soothing atmosphere an enticing respite, but a remarkably practical space for years of comfort and relaxation.

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