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Tom Gilday and Kevin Gilday

Gilday Renovations

9162 Brookville Road
Silver Spring, MD


We’re ready to trade our large suburban home for an urban lifestyle. What should we expect as we move to a condo?

We’ve been renovating more and more condos in the area, for people who are ready for a change. Many are repeat clients that hired us years ago for renovations and additions when they were raising their families.

Topic #1 at our first meetings is kitchens, which are often outdated and lack storage space. In a collaborative atmosphere, we discuss how you plan to use the space. Do the two of you plan to use the kitchen for yourselves and the dining room for guests, or would you like one big dining area? If the kitchen is large enough, the dining room can become a small family room, something that’s usually lost in a move from a large house to a condo. 

Guest rooms often double as offices. We make sure there is empty closet space so desk items can be put away before guests arrive. With closets a priority, we create a double closet in a second or third bedroom, with built in dressers to save space in the master bedroom. Bathroom updates are usually necessary, adding soaking tubs, steam rooms and other features. For the open look that is popular today, we redesign the space by removing walls to add light and add pocket doors to save space. Often, we replace all the doors to eliminate a commercial aesthetic. 

What challenges do condos present that homes do not?

In our area’s elegant, historic buildings, many systems are out of code. Old wiring and pipes, lead paint and asbestos are some of the issues we resolve for building code conformity, health and safety. Our professionalism and courtesy come in handy for interacting with building staffs, condo boards and committees, and adjacent neighbors. 

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