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Davida Rodriguez

Owner, Davida’s Kitchen & Tiles

435 A&B East Diamond Ave.
Gaithersburg, MD


What are the latest trends in the kitchen and bath industry?

The latest in current trends in the kitchen industry is cool colors, with white, gray and navy cabinetry finishes. Some of the latest accent colors for tile, lighting and hardware are metallics. French gold, brushed copper and brass finishes are in vogue. Plumbing is going towards metallics, as well as matt black and matt white. Mirror is back with a twist. Unique finishes and colors that are particularly modern are beveled tile in matt and polished smoke, brass and antique colors. 

The tiny house trend has heavily influenced the residential market. Small, high functioning kitchen spaces with smaller appliances and dual-purpose areas are all the rage. The McMansion has been replaced with modest spaces that are rich in design.  

What is your process with new clients?

My approach to design is that every project is an opportunity to create a unique work of art. Coming from an arts and crafts background, I see a space as a blank canvas that allows me great freedom to use innovative products, unique materials and fabulous colors. I am very in tune with listening to client ideas and deciphering their design aesthetic. 

After discussing your project requirements, lifestyle and family environment, I will show you a kitchen, bathroom or built-in I have designed. Clients usually instantly love what I show them. My inspiration for the project always comes from the client and that is why most are delighted with the outcome. I am pleased to report that clients are surprised to see how fun and effortless the process can be. 


NKBA National Design Awards: 2017 First Place, Small Kitchen, and Third Place, Large Kitchen (regional); 2016 Third Place, Small Kitchen (regional); 2015 First Place, Medium Kitchen (regional)

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