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David Benson

VP Sales, Architectural Ceramics

6807 Wisconsin Ave.
Chevy Chase, MD


How do we best prepare for an appointment at your showroom?

Especially if you’re a little bit country but your spouse is a little bit rock n’ roll, sit together with design magazines and use our social media pages (Houzz, Pinterest, Instagram) to let us know the looks you like. Next, use our website’s Wish List function to select tiles that appeal to you. Before your appointment, let us know if you started a Wish List so we can pull pieces for you to see and touch. Bring countertop, cabinet and paint samples, if you have them, or photos. Time frame and budget are both important numbers. Providing us with yours will make the process much more efficient.  

What should I keep in mind if I want to get tile that looks like wood for my home?

Hardwood floors are warm and welcoming, but they can’t handle humidity, water, pets and kids like tile can. When you’re selecting the best wood replica for your home, the first consideration is graphical repeat. Some lines only repeat their pattern every few tiles, but a better product can have upwards of 100 different images, which gives it a much more natural look. Also ask about resolution. You’ll want high-definition inkjet technology. Next is the material: ceramic or porcelain? Porcelain is the most durable base for wood-look tiles. A high quality porcelain tile is tough and will not scratch easily. Finally, decide what size is best for the area. Larger tiles are more difficult to manufacture, so when wood-looks were first made, they were 6” x 24.” Now they can manufacture planks all the way up to 72” long. Increased length gives a more natural wood look. We carry many different lines of fine wood-look tiles and can guide you through these decisions.


Designer’s Choice Award, Home & Design Magazine; Best of Houzz; featured on ION TV’s “World’s Greatest” show for tile

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