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Potomac Audiology

Gail Linn, AuD, CCC-A, Tricia Riley Terlep, AuD, Therese. C. Walden, AuD, Amy Rothermel, AuD

11300 Rockville Pike
Suite 105
Rockville, MD


Nearly 50 million Americans—from babies to older adults—experience significant hearing loss. Yet approximately 80 percent of those who could benefit from wearing hearing aids or other assistive hearing devices, opt not to. Potomac Audiology offers state-of-the-art hearing evaluations and the most innovative hearing technologies and treatments to help people recapture the sounds they’ve been missing, greatly improving their quality of life. 

The team of experienced doctors—Gail Linn, Tricia Terlep, Therese Walden and Amy Rothermel—collaborate to provide personalized, advanced hearing care through a wide variety of services including, diagnostic hearing tests, hearing aid fittings, real-ear/probe microphone measurements, tinnitus evaluation and treatment, cerumen management and custom earplugs/swimplugs.  

Potomac Audiology strives to be at the forefront of cutting-edge methods and technology, says Dr. Linn, and constantly looks for new ways to improve the practice.

“Real-ear or probe microphone measurement is something we do when fitting hearing aids that is not widely done,” says Dr. Linn. “This equipment allows us to put a tiny tube into the ear canal that is attached to a microphone, to measure what a hearing aid is delivering to the ear. We calculate a target or prescription using the results of the audiogram and program the hearing aid with a computer to match the target.” 

Dr. Terlep—Dr. Linn’s daughter—was able to experience unusual cases in her eight years in Georgetown University’s Audiology Department, says Dr. Linn. “She also did a great deal of pediatrics. We are set up to test babies from birth—using Auditory Brainstem Response—to toddlers, using Conditioned Play Audiometry and Visual Reinforcement Audiology.” 

Potomac Audiology is also equipped to deliver treatment to an individual’s home, “so there is almost no patient we cannot care for,” says Dr. Linn.

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