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Derek Blank, DDS


5640 Shields Dr.
Bethesda, MD


What is unique about your practice?

At DC Pediatric Smiles our motto is simple: your child’s visit should be as easy as a trip to the beach. Our team is committed to providing children with a fun, approachable introduction to dentistry. As a father of three young kids, I understand the importance of connecting with my patients to ensure that their first impression of the dentist is positive.

Our office has a bright, clean, beach house vibe. I’d love to use the word “gnarly” but don’t think I can say that with a straight face. In all seriousness, having a brand new, modern design really helps our team set the tone immediately with families.  

As a board-certified pediatric dentist, I rely strongly on evidence-based training to care for patients. Parents play a key role in our practice’s team-approach to treatment. Ultimately, we all share the common goal of creating a lifetime of happy, healthy smiles!

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