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November-December 2011

A Guide to Giving

Every day, thousands of Montgomery County residents struggle with hunger, homelessness, inadequate health insurance and lack of employment, according to The Community Foundation for Montgomery County (CFMC).

The Great Divide November-December 2011

The Great Divide

Montgomery County is famously a place for the well-heeled, and for the wealthy. But it’s also a place now where some line up for free food and sleep four to a room.

Could the Next Governor be from Montgomery County? November-December 2011

Could the Next Governor be from Montgomery County?

The Magic 8 Ball says, “Definitely maybe”

Green Lanterns November-December 2011

Green Lanterns

2011 Bethesda Magazine Green Awards in partnership with Bethesda Green

Man of Persuasion November-December 2011

Man of Persuasion

Meet the 2011 Philanthropist of the Year: a man who works to meet the county’s needs, and never takes no for an answer

Spy Game September-October 2011

Spy Game

To his Chevy Chase neighbors, Stewart Nozette was an enigma. To his colleagues, he was a well-respected scientist. To the federal government--he was a disaster waiting to happen.

The Starr Report September-October 2011

The Starr Report

After a sometimes rocky ride at his previous post, the county’s new superintendent of schools hopes to continue Jerry Weast’s legacy—and, oh, yeah, have a life.

Educators Par Excellence September-October 2011

Educators Par Excellence

Following are five area educators who’ve earned the adjective of “great,” according to many of those who’ve passed through their doors.

Underachievers September-October 2011


What's a parent to do when a child is capable of doing good work—but can't be bothered to try?

Making Its Silver Spring Debut... September-October 2011

Making Its Silver Spring Debut...

The Fillmore Music Hall opens to high hopes after years of controversy and complaints.