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The Year of Living Spontaneously November-December 2013

The Year of Living Spontaneously

They were 55 and their kids were finally out of college. It was time to cash in on a long-held dream—a senior year abroad.

Being There November-December 2013

Being There

During a post-college gap year, a young Potomac man gets some valuable life lessons in Taiwan

The Guide to Giving November-December 2013

The Guide to Giving

Our annual list of 60-plus ways to contribute to the community

The Road Less Traveled September-October 2013

The Road Less Traveled

The Intercounty Connector promised a lot of things to Montgomery County residents. But with traffic and revenue far lower than projected, some people are asking: Was the highway all hype?

The Fast & The Furious September-October 2013

The Fast & The Furious

Short-track speedskating has taken off in Montgomery County. But even as some of the top young skaters are now coming out of this area, some of the sport’s coaches have found themselves on thin ice.

Zooming In September-October 2013

Zooming In

Local filmmakers offer an intimate look at the world of competitive short-track speedskating

Can Kevyn Orr  Fix Detroit? September-October 2013

Can Kevyn Orr Fix Detroit?

The Chevy Chase lawyer has faced daunting challenges in both his personal life and his career—from tragic losses to helping to keep Chrysler afloat. But his latest task is right up there: rescuing a once-great city that has fallen on hard times.

Just The Ticket September-October 2013

Just The Ticket

We look ahead at some of the outstanding arts performances on tap this fall

Save The World September-October 2013

Save The World

As one of the most powerful environmental couples in the D.C. area, the Robertses have long been committed to preserving the planet. But first, they had to figure out how to preserve the life of their child.

Prep For Life September-October 2013

Prep For Life

They were the ‘in crowd,’ the girls everybody else wanted to be. And they weren’t even in high school yet.